Hello Kitty strikes again-the Hello Kitty Toaster

I know a lot of us have watched trends come and go, some we miss, others we are more than happy to let go of. Unfortunately there are those occasional trends that just won't die. Hello Kitty, why oh why did it have to be Hello Kitty?!

Some girls are obsessive about Hello Kitty and then there are the rest of us that are obsessive about wishing it would go away. I'm pretty sure you can guess which one I am. Now once again they can add to their collection, the Hello Kitty toaster. This particular toaster burns the poor toast with a little Hello Kitty face. It does have all the regular toaster features and settings too.

I'm kind of curious what a bagel would look like after it was put into the toaster. It's okay though ladies, I won't hold it against you that you are Hello Kitty freaks, just please try not to corrupt anymore innocent minds along the way. I'm pretty sure you guys have recruited enough to form a Hello Kitty army. Okay, that is a really funny mental picture. If you would like to invest in this kitty toaster it is priced at just $20.

Hello Kitty Toaster-KT5211 for a die-hard Hello Kitty fan [via gizmodiva]