Hello Kitty Scales and Phone Holder – More controlling HK toys

Christina Crouch - Dec 6, 2007

She just doesn’t quite. Hello Kitty is determined; I’ll give her that. She won’t stop at tires and toilets, she wont even bat a whisker at robotics and cookware. She is a nonstop, take it all machine.

Today Hello Kitty is giving you the verdict on your weight. The HK Multi-Functional Scale will let you know if you’re overweight. Can’t be too heavy for the overlord’s army. It’ll also let you know you water level and calorie level. That’s right, HK, get ‘em while they’re young and make money off it while you’re at it, it prices at $130!

There’s also this cutesy little HK Cell Phone Holder. It appears to be the cat herself sitting on a lovely bench where you can place your phone. $10 on it that it’s actually going over your call list, making sure you’re not trying to escape her grasp! She only asks for a measly price of $20 for this service. When will it end?

Hello Kitty Weight Scale Tells you if you’re overweight or not [via Chip Chick]

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