Hello Kitty – Has the Cat Gone too Far?

Christina Crouch - Nov 28, 2007

I never gave Hello Kitty much thought before today, but after what I’ve seen I must admit I’m a little afraid. Hello Kitty is slowly but surely taking over the world.

It started innocently enough, I’m sure, with DVD’s, clothes, etc… and even this item, the Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires, aren’t that bad. They have the cutesy little kitten’s face imprinted in the tread so wherever you go, Hello Kitty goes too. You can buy them for $20-$25 a piece. To be honest, I passed this item up my first time through. It was the next item that really caught my attention.

I was shocked, I was appalled, I was curious. The Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Dispenser… need I go on? No, you’re right, but I will. Not only is it pink and Hello Kitty-fied, you can program it to dispense the number of sheets you like to, um, wipe with.

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Dispenser

Folks, we must join forces and stop this madness. Hello Kitty has gone too far! We must not let her cuddly exterior mask her evilness. Who’s with me?

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires [via Boing Boing]

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