Hellboy 3 movie probably isn't happening

There's some sad news circulating for Hellboy fans: the greatly anticipated (read: hoped for) third installment in the movie franchise, Hellboy 3, probably isn't happening. Such news comes from Ron Perlman himself, who indicated in a recent interview that conversations about making the movie have been dropped and that everyone is busy with other things. "We don't talk about that anymore," Perlman said, speaking about the possibility of a Hellboy 3 movie. That leaves little hope that we'll see the trilogy brought to a proper end.

The information comes from ScreenRant, which says it spoke with Perlman during a roundtable interview. Perlman is the voice behind one of the characters in Guillermo del Toro's upcoming Trollhunters movie for Netflix, and some have hoped this may lead to certain other things, namely the third Hellboy movie. That's probably not going to happen, though, based on Perlman's comments.

Perlman said:

We don't talk about that anymore. Because he's busy, and I'm busy. Maybe one day he's going to call and say, 'Hey, let's do it.' But for right now? We're happy discovering new worlds to conquer.

And that's that. It seems pretty clear that there's no longer any talk going on about making the movie, and it doesn't seem del Toro is particularly earnest about making it. Though Perlman has expressed a lot of interest in getting the third installment made, it seems he too has accepted that it may never come to fruition.