Hellblade trailer revealed by creators of Devil May Cry

Developer group Ninja Theory has revealed their next big title, Hellblade, a hack-and-slash beast of a game for PC and PlayStation 4. This is the same developer group that brought you Devil May Cry, a long-lasting game franchise beloved around the planet. In the game, users will play as a Celtic Warrior by the name of Senua. She suffers from a mental illness which places her in a hellish world which she must escape. Is it too much to hope for an appearance by Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites?

This isn't just another Devil May Cry. This is an over-the-shoulder beast of a game full of flaming skull soldiers. The rot of the mind of Senua. The terror, the pestilence of the mind, this is a journey into darkness that few in the real world are capable of seeing.

You're not above the user, you're behind her.

You're inside her mind, controlling her as a force of good while the rest of her environment consumes her wellbeing.

This game is going to be terrifying.

We'll find out soon when this game will actually be released. We'll expect a time closer to the end of this year. Stay tuned.