Helio Releases New MySpace for Ocean Users

Have you noticed that if you try to get on MySpace by using its URL to view the website outside of 'Myspace on Helio' you simply can't? I mean sure, one of Helio's biggest boasts is their access to Helio that – until recently – no one else had. Although I like this feature it just seemed so plain. It worked fine; other than viewing pictures according to caption names it wasn't bad at all. You could always find other users, view friends, post comments, message, and all of the other wonderful things you can do on MySpace. One thing is for sure though, I just wanted something different, which is why a part of me was happy to get the Helio Ocean because I could view MySpace whichever way I chose. Wrong!

With the Ocean we can view full HTML websites, but not MySpace? I feel restricted! Well, if you felt this way, there is some good news. Helio has developed a new application to go along with their Buddy Beacon and Google Mapping; it's called MySpace on Helio. Ok, so the name isn't all that different, but the way you view MySpace is. The only thing is you still can?t view Myspace in HTML, but this application is a lot better than the Myspace you can view on Helio's 3G network. It?s faster, has a lot of new conveniences and, quite frankly, it looks far nicer.

At the home page you still have your default picture and your 5 bulletins you can view, but otherwise it's a whole new menu. Now there are top-level shortcuts to give much easier access to all major functions.  On the bottom right hand corner you can hit the "Action" soft key; there you can post a bulletin, view comments, view your profile, view all bulletins, or edit your profile. Now you still can't edit your profile like you can from your computer, but it's certainly a whole lot closer than it has been.

On the top you have the choices to go Home, Mail, Pics, Friends, and Blog. The mail is set up nicely and it is a lot clearer than the old MySpace on Helio. Once you're in your mailbox the soft key options let you jump to saved mail, sent, trash, bulletins, friend requests, event invites and navigation. Navigation is nicely done, because it allows you to select which page number you want to go to in your mailbox rather than scrolling through all of them.  Highlight any message and a press to the right lets you view the Message, view the sender's profile, reply instantly, save, delete or just send them a brand new message. The friends section is quicker and clearerm showing the list of your top friends first. You can view all friends, search for them by name, email, or even the display name. You can highlight the name and view their profile and, if you don't want to have to go to their page, just send them a message with 'Action' soft key.

Some new things that I really like are the pictures and the blog section. The former shows all pictures clearly in one page, depending on the amount you have, and you can click through to maximise the one you want. Again, the bottom right soft key gives you the option to jump to viewing comments, setting it as default, deleting the photo, adding a photo, updating the caption or emailing the picture to your friends. The blog is pretty cool if you guys like to post about your day or anything else you want to share with others. It has a 'Status Count Table' which shows your Posts, Comments, Views, and Kudos rating for the day, the week, and total overall. You can view your blog list, your subscriptions, your readers, and your preferred list.  

Overall, this is definitely a must-have for Ocean users who use MySpace. It's much clearer, it's quicker, and it's far more convenient than surfing on a small-screen. I have a feeling this is the first of many updates and applications coming out for the Ocean and things are looking good so far. To get this access the internet on your phone and select 'shop' at the surf menu, then go to applications; it's not on the Helio website just yet.

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