Helio Ocean Video Walkthrough: 15 free ringtones

Vincent Nguyen - May 11, 2007

Ocean comes with 15 free ringtones. I’ve been getting a lot of questions whether the rings are any good. Well it is hard to say since everyone’s taste differs. That is why I made this very blurred out video, but with good sound quality for you to listen to these rings for yourself.

Which ones are your favorites?

  1. Dingaling
  2. I’m Callin’
  3. Space Dragon
  4. The Federation
  5. Silky Sky
  6. Circle & Circle
  7. Hip Hop 2005
  8. Monk
  9. Minuet for Baby
  10. Samadhi
  11. Rainyday
  12. China Cruising
  13. Karma
  14. Trill Harmonic
  15. Hypnosis

Alternatively, you can purchase video rings for $2.99 or ringtones for $2.49 right on the Ocean.

Sample video of a video ring – how would you like to have the sexy Vida Guerra in a bikini telling you to pick up the phone?

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