Helio Mysto hitting mass market today

James Allan Brady - Jan 16, 2008

So the Helio Mysto, the second phone Helio stole from Samsungs top of the line Ultimate Edition line, is finally hitting the market so everyone can get one. If I may remind you, they had a 2-day sale of them in just a couple stores for the two days right after Christmas and then that was it.

Well now they are hitting all the channels officially. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the Samsung U600 Ultimate Edition slider phone. It has GPS and a 2MP camera as well as a few electro-static buttons that offer up some tactile feedback too.

The screen is nearly a mirror when its off, and for a slider, its extremely thin, as with all the other Ultimate Edition phones. But with the Mysto also comes a few new GPS features including WHERE and Tellme, there is even localize Twitter.

With Tellme you can perform a voice search and it will return localized results, local to where you actually are, and from the results you can select the closest or the one you intended and then either get the phone number, address, turn by turn directions, or send the directions to a friend. The WHERE service is a GPS widget platform for a whole bunch of location based services and is accessible through the location-aware browser that’s included in the Mysto.

I want one so bad, I am seriously ready to change up my Fin for one of these, and I love my Fin, a lot. However if you or I want one it will cost us $149 with the standard Helio contract, oh, and the Tellme service is $2.99 per month.

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