Helio launching new, more complete, YouTube Mobile app for the Ocean

James Allan Brady - Dec 12, 2007

Today Helio is launching their new YouTube app for the Ocean. What’s so great about it? Everything, you can literally do it all with this new YouTube app.

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Let’s start with the fact that you can log in now, that’s a major move that no other mobile YouTube app lets you do. From there, lets move on to being able to rate, comment, all the stuff that makes YouTube fun, once you are logged in, you can do it all. You can rate, comment, share, and subscribe as well as save certain videos to your playlist, literally all the features you’d have if you were logged in on your PC.

You even get access to the entire YouTube library, not some limited subset of the most visited, the most popular, or however it is they usually choose which videos you can see on your mobile and which ones you can’t. This way, the next time you go to show your friends that YouTube video you were watching last night, you’ll be able to find it instead of it not being available to you.

This update doesn’t stop with what you can do with YouTube, but your videos, taken from your Ocean, can be geo-tagged and uploaded with ease, while still allowing you to add a title, description, tags, all the same data you’d normally get to fill in when uploading a video. So, if you have an Ocean, go get the update and enjoy the next great product from Helio.

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