Helio Drift: Third Time’s a Charm!

Vincent Nguyen - Nov 9, 2006, 12:05 am CST

Helio’s new Drift is by Samsung, featuring advance GPS technology (I love GPS!), GPS-enabled Google Maps for mobile and Buddy Beacon. It’s compact, elegant, optimized access to the high speed 3G network. It comes in two colors – gunmetal black and frost white (I was told we’re getting the frost white one in a week or so – yeah baby). The Drift is a sweet phone, featuring a 2.12 inch high-resolution QVGA display stereo Bluetooth (another yah), 128 MB internal memory expandable via microSD, 2-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash, MP3, MPEG-4 and VOD support. Damn that was a mouthful! Now why didn’t Helio go with Samsung in the first place is beyond me…but third times a charm. Click over for more images and the press release.

Exclusive Samsung Device Debuts GPS-Enabled Google Maps™ for Mobile and Buddy Beacon

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 9, 2006 – HELIO LLC, the new mobile service that is bringing a fresh approach to the wireless industry, today announced the launch of its third exclusive mobile device – the Drift™ – and custom-built services that harness advanced GPS technology, GPS-enabled Google Maps™ for mobile and Buddy Beacon™. The new device and services continue Helio’s innovative model of utilizing mobile to let people stay in touch with their friends in new and unique ways.
“Helio is engineered for connected consumers who want a mobile experience built exclusively for them,” said Sky Dayton, CEO of HELIO LLC. “With Drift we’re introducing another beautifully crafted device to our portfolio, and we’re debuting GPS-enabled services like Google Maps™ for mobile and Buddy Beacon. Now, Helio members can spend less time searching and more time hanging out.”
The Drift

This sleek and compact slider packs exceptional power and optimized access to the high speed 3G network into a slim, elegant shape. Produced by Samsung and exclusively available to Helio members, the Drift launches in two colors: gunmetal black and frost white. The Drift features a 2.12 inch high-resolution QVGA display, stereo Bluetooth®, 128MB internal memory expandable via microSD™, 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash for shooting photos and video, MP3, MPEG-4 and VOD support for a wide variety of entertainment options. Drift is also complete with GPS capabilities to support innovative new Helio services in addition to existing custom services like Helio On Top (H.O.T.). With Drift, blogging, downloading music videos, playing games and streaming video is faster and easier than before.

Google Maps™ for mobile enabled with GPS capabilities
Helio makes finding your current location, a nearby restaurant or friend’s pad a whole lot easier with a GPS-enabled version of Google Maps™ for mobile. Helio members can avoid getting lost (unless that was the goal all along) or looking up information on their PC before leaving the house.

In addition to using GPS technology to pull up a current location on a clear and crisp map, Google Maps™ for mobile also lets Helio members get:
• Real-time traffic: locate traffic jams or find a new route in over 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas with color-coded traffic reports.
• Detailed directions: routes displayed on the map itself, together with step-by-step directions.
• Integrated search results: local business locations and contact information appear in one place, integrated on the map so you can find the closest coffee shop and get there fast.
• Easily movable maps: interactive, draggable maps let members zoom in or out, or pan in every direction.
• Satellite imagery: get a bird’s eye view of a desired location.

Buddy Beacon

Buddy Beacon is the new way for Helio members to synchronize their social lives and tell friends where the fun is. Rather than calling or texting, Helio members can switch on their Buddy Beacon and use satellite technology to broadcast their location to the friends they add to their Buddy List. When they turn on Buddy Beacon, their Buddy List friends can see their location on a map along with a nearby address. Members can add up to 25 Buddies to their Buddy List. When members change locations and want to let everyone know the party is on the move, one simple command refreshes the location. Want to hide out? Just leave Buddy Beacon off to enjoy a night of privacy or to slip out the back of the club into the VIP room.
Buddy Beacon also lets Helio members send out an SMS message asking their friends to flip on their Buddy Beacons. When they activate Buddy Beacon, members can see where everyone is and meet up with the closest person for a fun night out or to tailgate at the big game. If a member notices a friend is nearby, a call can be placed directly from Buddy Beacon to check in on the fun.
“We’re staying true to our mission of bringing advanced wireless technologies from Korea to the U.S. so Helio members can experience an entirely new wireless world,” said Wonhee Sull, President & COO of HELIO LLC. “Exceptional collaborators like Samsung and Google combined with Helio’s focus on constant innovation are making first-to-market devices like Drift and our specialized services a reality.”
The Drift is now available for $225 at www.helio.com, 888-88-HELIO and at nearly 2,500 retail locations nationwide. Buddy Beacon and Google Maps™ for mobile are free with Helio All-In Memberships, and data charges apply for A La Carte memberships.

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