Helicopters that would make Dr. Evil Proud

Mainly because they have frickin' lasers. So, laser tag is fun. Flying RC helicopters is fun.

Combining the two with RC helicopters that shoot, and receive, laser beams just like laser tag, well that's Head-Explodingly fun. The fun is only compounded by the fact that a laser hit makes the copter spin out of control and crash.

The copters are small and apparently rugged since they are designed to crash. They are so small they actually recommend launching them from the palm of your hand. There are blue LEDs for night flights. A 15 minute charge grants you a whopping 5-7 minute flight time, they charge from the remote control's battery. They come in sets of two for $100 and should only be flown inside where there is no wind.

Battling Palmsize Havoc R/C Helicopter [via GeekAlerts]