HealthKit apps start trickling into the App Store

With iOS 8, the promise of HealthKit apps left us wanting. Not ready for primetime, HealthKit — and the Health app loaded on your phone — were useless. iOS 8.0.1 fixed HealthKit, but broke other, more necessary items. Now that iOS 8.0.2 is out, we're starting to see HealthKit apps trickle into the App Store.

Two apps are currently in the App Store, both with different aim. FitPort is really more of a dashboard for your health info, and is likely meant as a replacement for the Health app. You get visual feedback on things like steps taken, calories burned, or weight.

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter app, with over four millions foods listed. Track your intake and share the info with friends, making weight loss a bit more community-based. It tracks your weight loss, and lets you enter exercise to track caloric burn.

Both are simple fronts for HealthKit and the Health app, but work with the platform. That's the point, here. Now that iOS is stable (fingers crossed), HealthKit apps should start rolling in. Keep an eye out for your favorites, as we expect a floodgate of apps to inundate the App Store today.