Headspace is bringing meditation and sleep exclusives to Apple Podcasts

Headspace, the company behind the popular meditation app, has launched a new channel that brings exclusive meditation content and a sleep subscription to Apple Podcasts. The new Headspace Channel is made available for free to the company's Apple subscribers, though you'll have to pay a bit extra to access the sleep content.

According to Headspace Studios, some of the content will be available for free, including an audio series about stories of forgiveness called The Gift of Forgiveness, as well as Radio Headspace's current season hosted by Eve Lewis Prieto. Also free is The Yes Theory Podcast, an audio series about seeking happiness outside of one's comfort zone.

The Sleep Subscription, meanwhile, will be available for $3.99/month as an optional add-on. This subscription will include 10 exclusive meditations for Apple Podcasts users, as well as content for winding down at night, Sleepcasts, and sleep music.

In a statement about the new channel, Headspace Studios Podcast Director Leah Sutherland said:

We're excited to be collaborating with Apple, as they launch a game-changing platform that puts both creators and listeners first. With so many of our listeners engaging with mindfulness content, such as sleep, we're looking forward to offering them a dedicated space for this through the Headspace Channel.

Headspace offers some free content, as well as a Plus subscription priced at $12.99/month or $69.99/year. The content includes things like audio meditations, as well as content for focusing, waking up, and getting on with the day.