HDMI adapter for older Xbox 360s brings joy to all

This simple Xbox 360 themed adapter will grant your older or newer HDMI-neglected Xbox 360 the same HD privilege that those with higher end or newer systems already enjoy. Actually, you not only get the HDMI port addition but you get the digital audio output as well.

The adapter will fit in well with the same white as the 360, the same grey plastic as the ends of the 360, and a similar silver strip as the HDD on the 360 (except it says HDMI instead). It's as simple as plugging this adapter into the AV port on the back of your 360 and then running the overpriced HDMI and digital audio cables to either your HDTV or your receiver.

And, it's made by MadCatz so the chances of it being a crap product are pretty slim. But, there is always a "but"; it will cost you $90. Which, depending on how old your Xbox 360 is, might make it worth your while to go ahead and buy a new system since they now have smaller processors that are faster, put out less heat, and require less power, they also have quieter disc drives now, all of which equates to a quieter lower power system and an integrated HDMI port, just something for you to consider.

Adapter adds HDMI output to older Xbox 360s [via boygeniusreport]