HD Spy Camera light switch has motion detection and more

If you want to be able to keep a very close eye on a certain part of your home or office the Spy Camera Light Switch with GSM Remote control from


might be perfect. I can certainly see this being used for some nefarious types looking to spy on people, but I can see the benefit of the camera for legitimate means too. In the business world often you have to keep an eye on who is in certain locations like the server room.

This camera could be mounted and if anyone walked into the room without permission, you would be notified on your phone and a photo of who was in the room. The switch is wall mountable and inside it is a pinhole spy camera with HD resolution. The video is stored on a removable microSD card and can be sent to a laptop with a USB cable.

The switch can be operated from your phone and it has video or photo mode. The alerts are sent to your mobile via SMS and you can actually get MMS messages with photos when someone is detected. The device even offers live video streaming access on your mobile. Each of the switches is $80 and they are available now.