HD DVD offer for Xbox 360 and Toshiba HD DVD players extended

If you're looking at taking the HD DVD side of the format war and happen to already have an Xbox 360, you're in luck. The promotion that Microsoft has been offering to net you 5 free HD DVDs has been extended. They've even added some extra titles for you.

The offer really only requires you to buy the HD DVD player for the 360 (or at Toshiba HD DVD player, but those are much more expensive). You'll then be able to send off for your free discs. The movies are broken up into 5 categories, and you can select one from each. There are some pretty good movies in there too. Not bad for $179. Hit the jump for a full list of available titles.

Category A

Aeon Flux


The Italian Job

Category B


Pitch Black

The Thing

Category C

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Full Metal Jacket

Category D


The Frighteners

U2: Rattle and Hum

Category E

Black Rain



Xbox 360 HD-DVD Giveaway Extended, Expanded [via kotaku]