HBO’s Silicon Valley season 2 trailer out, has secrets

Nate Swanner - Feb 6, 2015, 4:28pm CST
HBO’s Silicon Valley season 2 trailer out, has secrets

The first season of HBO’s Silicon Valley was a funny look at startups, and a satirical look at what it takes to go from really awesome idea to upstart company. Ending on a high note, the series is back for season two, continuing on the path of greatest resistance: starting your own company. Though some cast members are gone, the core group remains, diligent as ever to get Pied Piper off the ground, compressing digital audio files. As you can see in the trailer below, the music service isn’t the whole story.

Still, the crew is back and working on Pied Pier, probably building on Richard’s last minute changes made ahead of TechCrunch disrupt. In fact, in the opening sequence, you can see the Disrupt winner’s check hanging on the wall.

Cereal, energy drinks, and snacks also dot the trailer. As well as robes and other casual activities.

A quick glance at the board also tells us the team may be moving out of the house and into some proper offices. Sunlight could be really good for them. Bachman will probably make sure it’s very feng shui, so expect a more peaceful environment (no, don’t, we’re kidding).

Big head is missing in this promo, so we’re not sure what Google Hooli is up to with their reverse-engineered Pied Piper competitor.

You’ll still have to wait for the show to hit HBO, though. The promo shows a release date of April 12 for the start of season two. Until then, here’s your teaser!

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