HBO Silicon Valley Season 1 trailer goes live

JC Torres - Feb 23, 2014, 11:45pm CST
HBO Silicon Valley Season 1 trailer goes live

What do you do when you’re part of a species that always get their behinds handed over to them? You build a startup, of course! That’s pretty much the background behind HBO‘s Silicon Valley show and now the TV network has just let out the trailer to the first season of its upcoming miniseries.

As mentioned before, the show focuses on a stereotypical male geek who happens to have developed a search algorithm (yes, think Google) that has seemingly turned the IT world upside down. Now anyone and everyone wants to get their hands on the algorithm, and maybe the man behind the code, and our poor hero just doesn’t know how to adapt to the new found fame.

No show, of course will be complete without a cast of friends, enemies, and everything in between. So to we have in Sillicon Valley a group of like-minded men set to get their revenge on the world that mocked them no less than by starting the next great tech company.

This is no The Big Bang Theory, however. You may have your geek tropes, but Silicon Valley aims to drop the audience right in the heart of the tech industry, warts and all. Of course, viewers will be getting a mix of fact and fiction, but suffice it to say, the real Silicon Valley is no walk in the park.

Coming from the creative mind of Mike Judge, the same guy who brought the world Office Space and Beavis and Butthead, expect hilarity mixed with a dash of hard truth. Silicon Valley will be hitting TV screens on April 6.

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