HBO plans big Game of Thrones 10-year anniversary celebration

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 5, 2021, 3:00pm CDT
HBO plans big Game of Thrones 10-year anniversary celebration

The first episode of the hit TV series Game of Thrones premiered on HBO nearly a decade ago — yes, it has been that long — and the company is planning a big event to celebrate the milestone anniversary. ‘The Iron Anniversary’ will involve a month of events, easy access to behind-the-scenes content, personalized curated episodes, and more.

Game of Thrones, believe it or not, premiered all the way back on April 17, 2011. The series quickly picked up speed and went on to become one of the premium network’s best shows — until the last season, that is, which spurred petitions from fans who wanted a redo. That aside, we’re nearly a full decade since the show entered popular culture.

To celebrate this milestone, HBO announced The Iron Anniversary, a month-long event that will include treats for HBO Max subscribers, including curated episode recommendations for each user (though you may want to avoid them if you haven’t already watched the series). The show will also get its own Spotlight page with access to cast interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, extra content, and more.

According to HBO, the Spotlight page is tailored toward a variety of viewers, including those who are new to the series and hardcore fans who have already watched the show. Starting on April 10, the network will kick off MaraThrone, a Game of Thrones marathon that will involve airing all of the Season One episodes starting at 10 AM ET.

You’ll be able to watch that MaraThrone broadcast on HBO2, while the rest of the episodes are accessible on the HBO Max streaming service. As well, Warner Bros. has tapped some companies to launch Iron Anniversary products, including a Fabergé Imperial Egg, a range of craft beers inspired by the show, limited edition Funko collectibles, and a ‘Complete Edition’ of the series coming to disc.

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