HBO may put 'True Detective' on the chopping block

The first season of True Detective was great, and it looked like the newest drama hit on HBO's hands. That notion promptly disappeared with the second season, a notable flop that certainly didn't follow in the first season's footsteps. Now it's looking pretty likely that HBO will cancel the series rather than try and alter the course. The change would follow then-head of programming Michael Lombardo's departure.

In Lombardo's place is Casey Bloys, previously HBO's long-running comedy chief. He comes at a time when HBO has suffered a series of unfortunate misses while competitors like Netflix and Amazon rapidly develop new — and increasingly popular — shows of their own. It is a particularly tense time for HBO as Game of Thrones, its leading show, nears its end.

Bloys has already passed on various drama shows, according to a new report, and he'll be the one to decide what HBO is going to do with True Detective. The Hollywood Reporter says True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is "more likely" to be offering up a new show, at least according to their sources, rather than return to prop up a now-sagging show.

This isn't to say that a third season of True Detective won't be happening, because it very well may. But it wouldn't be surprising to see HBO pass on the show rather than take a chance on another season flop, especially when it has him onboard to develop other content.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter