Hawken Shows Off Excellent Visuals In PhysX Trailer

As far as free-to-play titles go, Hawken already looks pretty great. The game supports NVIDIA PhysX, which adds a bit more eye candy over non-PhysX games, including improved weapon and particle effects. Those PhysX-enabled visuals are about to get another boost, though, thanks the addition of a previously missing PhysX feature: APEX Turbulence.

With PhysX Turbulence, Hawken's developers are going to turn the particle effects up to 11. Turbulence uses velocity fields to show particles-in-action, which will make things like health pickups, fires, and shields look even cooler in-game. The developers have teamed up with NVIDIA to launch a new trailer showing off what Turbulence is capable of in Hawken's world, and it can check it out below.

While you won't be missing anything from the core gameplay experience if you don't have PhysX (and by extension Turbulence) turned on, the feature definitely makes for some impressive visuals. In the trailer, you'll get a side-by-side look at Hawken's visuals with Turbulence turned off and on, and the differences are pretty obvious. If you've got a rig that can handle it, playing with PhysX enabled definitely seems to be the way to go.

The only problem is that Hawken doesn't support Turbulence just yet. Though support for other PhysX features is already there, Turbulence functionality is still on the way. Adhesive Games says the feature is coming soon though, so you can bet we'll keeping an ear to the ground for more information. Stay tuned.