Hawk takes down drone in aerial combat

Drones have 99 problems, and as it turns out — birds are one. Think about life if you were a drone. You've got the FAA trying to ground you all the time, people giving you two and three star reviews on amazon because they lost connection with you and you flew into a tree, and people blaming you for all kinds of "invasion of privacy" nonsense. Now you've got predatory birds to deal with? It's hard out here for a drone, y'all.

The below video clip, uploaded to YouTube by a drone owner who forgot where he was on the aerial food chain, shows something we've never seen. We also can't stop watching it. It's a drone, being taken down by a freakin' HAWK.

Let's be fair, though: according to man's law, this drone owner was doing everything right. He was in an open field, free of obstructions, and (presumably) not using the drone for anything weird. Good drone ownership, friend.

Let's also be fair that hawks give zero you-know-whats about man's laws. To them, you're either food or a friend. Drones are neither, and this hawk knows that, now.

So think about this video tomorrow when you're staring at that drone on Amazon, thinking about whether it's worth a few hundred bucks. On top of people being weirded out by your cool new drone and the FAA possibly grounding you, hawks — the honey badgers of the sky, apparently — aren't fans, either.

Via: Sploid