Have You Heard of the XBLA?

The full name is the Xbox Live Arcade, and apparently and alarming number of people don't even know about it. The people over at Frank N. Magid Associates did a study and found that 30% of people owning an Xbox 360 didn't even know about the XBLA.

Now there was a lot of hubbub not too long ago about how most people owning a 360 didn't even know about its HD capabilities, but not knowing about the XBLA? What is there excuse? I know that the main screen on my console constantly has advertisements for Xbox Live Arcade games.

There are so many great games in the XBLA catalog, I mean I could see not purchasing any for a lack of funds (points), but not knowing about it is a whole other level of ignorance, in its most literal sense of the word. I suppose that if you never used your system for anything other than to play disc-based games you could go on ignorant of the other capabilities of your system, but other than that singular scenario I don't know how you could miss it.

How Do I XBLA: Almost One Third Of 360 Owners Unaware Of Xbox Live Arcade [via Kotaku]