Have TabletKiosk made the perfect slate? Sahara hands-on

My ageing tc1100 was already looking pretty shabby in comparison to the new Sahara slates from TabletKiosk, and having now read Steve's hands-on experience of them over at GottaBeMobile its taken to snuffling sadly in the corner of the room. 


No surprise, really; with dual active and passive digitisers (meaning finger touch and more accurate stylus control), easily accessed RAM, hard-drive and wireless modules for future upgrades, and a casing design not only minimalistically attractive but obviously well thought through, the i440D is edging its way to the top of the list for those considering tablet upgrades.

When a reviewer says that the only negative thing worth flagging up is the very slightly recessed screen surface (and we're talking an estimated 0.04-inch), you know it's a decent product.  Sounds well built, too, with the passive touchscreen layer being of the same sort used in Vegas point-of-sale cash registers.

You just know that I'm off to find the UK representative for TabletKiosk and pester them to send me one. 

In other news, however, TabletKiosk suffered a break-in the other day which saw much of their stock stolen.  Please check out details of how you can help (basically, if you spot a too-good-to-be-true deal on one of their machines, let them know) over at GottaBeMobile.

A visit to TabletKiosk and a review of the Sahara i440 Tablet PC [GottaBeMobile]