Hauppauge unveils HD video recorders for gamers and media fans

Hauppauge has announced a pair of new HD video recorders during CES 2013. The company makes a number of different products including TV tuners and more and its two new HD video recorders are aimed at different types of users. One of the new video recorders is for home users and the other is aimed at gamers.

The HD video recorder for home media users is called the HD PVR 2 model 1512. This video recorder is designed to allow users to create a library of their favorite cable TV or satellite TV programs in HD resolution. The HD PVR 2 features an integrated high-definition video recorder along with an IR blaster to control channel changes on a set top box. The video recorder comes with component video cables and other cables required to connect to a computer.

The device uses the computer hard drive to store the recordings it makes and is supplied with the WinTV v7.2 software application. The video recorder can be programmed to change the channel on the set top box using the IR blaster at a designated time. The device is also compatible with Windows Media Center from Windows 7 and Windows 8. The second HD video recorder is called the HD PVR 2 GE Plus.

This version adds SPDIF and supports full surround sound audio to video game recordings. The video recorder is designed to be used with the Xbox 360, PS3, or computer game systems. The system is designed to record surround sound audio along with video of the game play in HD resolution. This video recorder also includes StreamEez allowing live video streaming via Justin TV or U-Stream. Pricing is unknown at this time but both new HD video recorders will be available on February 1 in North America and Europe.