Harvest Moon arrives tomorrow night: here are all the details

Yes, you read that correctly: the Harvest Moon arrives tomorrow, an atypically late date for the moniker that is usually applied to September's full moon. Last month brought us the Corn Moon, the name given to the moon that arrives early in September around the same time that corn is harvested. Why the deviation from norm? Because September's full moon came early in the month, not late.

The Harvest Moon is just a name, one that is given to the full moon that happens in a time frame similar to the autumn equinox. Usually it happens in late September, but this year's option was either early October or early September. Early September wasn't quite appropriate for the moniker, so the the term Corn Moon was dusted off and used while the Harvest Moon was bumped to this month.

The moon itself is just another full moon, though depending on where you're located you may see it arrive just after sunset. The moon may appear unusually large when it is near the horizon, giving it that fun, almost mystical appearance that goes well with the special name. The moon may also appear a more deeply saturated color than usual.

Assuming it isn't cloudy where you're located, you'll be able to see the full moon starting tomorrow night, and it should be visible pretty soon after sunset. The exact times will depend on where you're located, but you can find out all of those details on the Time and Date website.