Harvard researchers highlight robots made from DNA

Scientists have managed to create a robot created entirely out of DNA, an advancement that could make it possible to effectively kill cancer cells or other diseases that don't have a simple cure. The microscopic robots use incredibly sophisticated directives that seek out specific cells. Then, based on the robot's programming the cells are either destroyed or reprogrammed.

So far the robotic creation, which is featured in the latest issue of the journal Science, has been tested in laboratory settings where it was able to successfully kill a cancerous cell within a petri dish. The next step, say scientists, is to make the leap to animals. This involves making the robot even more powerful so it can survive longer as it meanders through a much bigger area.

There has been a lot of focus on what these nano-robots could do to help with the search in a cure for cancer. That is where it has the most profound impact, but researchers say the technology could also be used to help treat autoimmune disease, which happens in patients where cells somehow become programmed incorrectly and start attacking the body. These robots also have the power to reprogram those cells so they function properly.

via Business Week]