Harry Winston Opus Eleven looks awesome

I can really appreciate how good designer watches look. I would never buy one though. Geeks don't really wear watches today. This is perhaps the most awesome watch ever and it is called the Harry Windows Opus Eleven. It reminds me more than a little of Mickey Mouse though.

It's nothing like that mouse on the inside; this watch has the most awesome movement I have ever seen. The shards of the numbers inside the main face align together at the right time to make a number that looks like its digital. You can see all the workings exposed too making the watch even more interesting.

The top mouse ear on the side has the minutes, in the image above it would be 11:30. With all the intricate parts and cool style along with the designer name on the watch, you know this thing isn't cheap. The watch sells for $250,000 making this timepiece more expensive than my house.

[via Uncrate]