Harry Potter's Facebook page full of Halloween hints

It's that time of year again, when ghouls and goblins come asking for treats at the doorstep. Scary movies are plentiful, too. Over on the Pottermore Facebook page, curious things have been going on. It seems JK Rowling is cooking up a treat for Harry Potter fans. Or is it a trick? We're not certain, but a series of clues and riddles hidden in plain sight suggest something significant is coming tomorrow, possibly a new revelation in the new Harry Potter story.

We'd previously heard there would be a new Harry Potter story, a 1,700-word "chapter" to his story. The new story is said to focus on Delores Umbridge, the former Hogwarts professor, but there may be more to it than a nasty teacher being terrible to Potter.

A series of clues hints at more, like the possible involvement of Bellatrix Lestrange. A crossword puzzle is also a head-scratcher, and the puzzling multiple-choice questions also make you think about what's coming.

Whatever it is, fans won't have too long to wait. The new tale comes out sometime tomorrow, and will be a nice precursor or wrap-up to your trick-or-treating adventures.

Source: Pottermore