Harmonix Officially Splits From Viacom, is Independent Once Again

It's been over a month since we first heard about the split between Harmonix and Viacom. With the help of investment company Columbus Nova, Harmonix is "returning to our roots as an independent and privately owned studio." For anyone who purchased a Rock Band title, as well as the recently released Dance Central, Harmonix has every intention of continuing to support those titles with future downloadable content (DLC).

John Drake, Harmonix's PR representative, made an official statement on the company's Rock Band forums, after Viacom officially came forward and announced the separation. His main point was to promise that the developer would continue to support released titles, and that the DLC schedule (for Rock Band) they've stuck to will not suffer because of this transition for the company.

In closing, Drake made a favorable mention of Viacom, saying that they've been a great house for the developer to call home over the last four years, and have allowed them to work with talents like AC/DC, The Beatles, Green Day, and The Who. In essence, Drake is saying that the separation between the two entities is one that they've both come to terms with, and it's good. And, as a tease, Drake also mentioned upcoming projects that he is sure "you're going to be pumped about." So, stay tuned, as Harmonix isn't going anywhere any time soon.

[via Joystiq]