XGIMI H1 4K 3D smart projector throws a 300-inch image

A very cool 3D smart projector made by XGIMI using Harman Kardon audio has hit Indiegogo and it is called the H1. The projector supports 4k resolution and is a 3D smart projector capable of turning 2D films into 3D content. The projector can throw a 300-inch image if your room is big enough.

Another cool feature of the H1 is that it runs the Android operating system and it has 900 lumens of brightness. That should be enough brightness to watch the content during the day in a brighter room if wanted. XGIMI also fits the projector with Hi-Fi stereo sound and Bluetooth for streaming content. Th H1 is designed to replace any home theater with a single box.

The projector also supports full HD resolution and can throw its image onto any surface. The integrated audio system has 45mm speakers and can be used as a stand alone speaker for streaming music. Apps and games can be installed on the projector and played on a massive screen. The processor inside is a quad-core 1.75GHz unit and DLP tech is used inside the projector.

The projector can also be controlled with the H1 App on your smartphone. The H1 is on Indiegogo and is 1000% funded with over $1 million raised so far. During the fundraising the projector was selling for $699 with a stand available for $110 to hold the projector. The Indiegogo price of $699 is a 25% discount from the MSRP when it turns up in stores.

SOURCE: Indiegogo