Harman Kardon Brings 3D Compatible Receivers in Time for Summer Movie Season

Harman Kardon announced a new line of audio/video receivers today that feature HDMI v1.4a providing full compatibility with the latest 3D enhancements. The new line naturally includes Harman Kardron's own Logic 7 sound processing for surround sound. The new line includes the AVR 15665, AVR 1650, AVR 2650 and the AVR 3650. This new line was intended to target movie enthusiasts and audio buffs seeking to enhance their entertainment experience.

The AVR 1565 and 1650 receivers are intended to be entry level systems, they come with 5.1 channel surround sound, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and 70 watts per channel in the 1565 with 95 watts per channel in the 1650. The AVR 2650 and 3650 are ready for 7.1 channel surround sound and include network connectivity for streaming radio or music content. The 2650 has five HDMI inputs with 90 watts of audio output per channel, while the 3650 has six HDMI inputs with 110 watts per channel. The receivers all follow Harman Kardon brand's sleek black and brushed silver design, and have the usual color coded connectors to help take some of the confusion out of the set-up process.

With so many consumers upgrading their TVs and Blu-ray players, many homes do not have audio/video systems that can take advantage of what the new technology is capable of. David Slump, president of HARMAN Consumer Division said they are trying to offer "our customers the richest at-home sound and viewing experience possible, suitable for most budgets." The retail prices range from $479 up to $1099.

Press Release:

STAMFORD, Conn. – HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated (NSYE: HAR), today announced a new audio/video receiver line featuring HDMI® v.1.4a that provides the latest in 3-D enhancements and performance. In addition to enhanced viewing capabilities, the AVR 1565, AVR 1650, AVR 2650 and AVR 3650 feature the Harman Kardon® brand's proprietary Logic 7® sound processing, providing rich and powerful 360-degree sound.

The AVR 1565 and AVR 1650 are the perfect companion for film, TV and music lovers who are looking for a budget-friendly, yet feature-rich, AVR option. Audiophiles will rejoice as these receivers power 5.1-channel surround systems and feature the latest Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding technologies that really bring entertainment to life. A great starting AVR system, the 1565 packs a lot of punch with 70 watts per channel, an FM/AM tuner, extensive audio/video connectivity, and three HDMI inputs. The AVR 1650 provides 95 watts of power per channel and also includes an FM stereo, The Bridge IIIP connectivity, additional HDMI input, and EzSet/EQ™ technology, giving movie and music buffs additional flexibility in configuring their ideal home theater setup.

For those looking to take their entertainment to the next level, the AVR 2650 and AVR 3650 can power 7.1-channel surround-sound systems and are packed with the latest and greatest next-generation technology. Both AVRs include network connectivity for Internet radio or music file streaming from a home network and are SIRIUS Satellite Radio®-ready. Additional benefits include Dolby Volume – a home theater volume control, which maintains the same volume level across channels, sources, and content – and multizone functionality for audio playback in multiple rooms. The AVR 3650 goes one step further, providing 110 watts of power per channel and six HDMI inputs – versus 90 watts of power per channel and five HDMI inputs with the AVR 2650 – accommodating every entertainment whim with grace, style, and ease.

"With price points for 3-D TV and Blu-ray continuing to decrease, many consumers are upgrading their TVs and DVD players with these latest technologies. The problem some face is that their existing AVR may not be equipped to maximize all the features and benefits that 3-D and Blu-ray provide, " said David Slump, president of HARMAN Consumer Division. "The new line of Harman Kardon AVRs takes advantage of the latest home entertainment technologies to offer our customers the richest at-home sound and viewing experience possible, suitable for most budgets."

These receivers feature the Harman Kardon brand's sleek black and brushed silver design, perfectly coordinating with any existing Harman Kardon products and home surroundings. Artistically designed and effortless to use, all receivers have color-coded binding-post connectors and easily programmable remotes, making setup and connectivity a breeze.