Harman JBL On Tour Micro hands-on

The folks at Harman have revealed a hockey-puck of a portable speaker this week, it being called the JBL On Touch Micro and we having a hands-on experience for you here today. This device, first of all, will cost you a grand total of $49.00 and will be available sometime this spring. Second of all, it's the cutest little monster in the world so you'd better pay attention to it. We got our look at the red Iron Man looking version, by the way, so no resisting!

This device has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, can fit in your pocket, and has the ability to be charged through a microUSB, this affording you the luxury of powering it up from the wall, your computer, or whatever else you may have handy that's compatible. It's got amplifier power of 2.2 W, is just 3.15-inches by 1.48 inches, and comes in red, white, and two forms of black. Have a look at our hands-on pics and stay tuned for video!