Hard to find min NES Classic gets a mini teardown

Nintendo was definitely on to something when it launched the ultimate fan service in the form the NES Classic, or Famicom Mini in Japan. That is, if it could quickly and steadily replenish its supplies. As it stands, the NES Classic sold out in a flash, making it as rare to find as a legendary Pokemon. That, however, isn't going to stop YouTubers like JerryRigEverything from tempting fate in order to deliver a teardown to his fans. Don't worry, he doesn't torture the tiny thing.

If this gaming device had a screen, like the upcoming Nintendo Switch, then it would probably have experience more stress. Luckily for the throwback console, it's as simple as simple can be. In fact, other than ports for power, HDMI output, and controllers, there aren't other openings on this thing. Yes, that cartridge "slot" isn't even a slot.

Getting to the innards of both the NES Classic and its accompanying controller is simple enough, though the locations of the screws on the console aren't as visible as they are on the controller. Despite being modern, the internals of the NES Classic are exponentially simpler than the original, though the new, smaller controller is noted to actually be more complex than its ancestor.

If iFixit were to grade this teardown, it would probably score very high on the repairability index because of how easy it is to pry open without risking breaking anything. However, with almost everything soldered tight to boards, replacing broken ports are going to be tougher. That said, the NES Classic was revealed to actually be a very simple Allwinner-powered Linux board, which implies there are very few custom parts needed.

JerryRigEverything predicts that the NES Classic could very well be the most popular gaming gift this Christmas, as moms and dads relive their childhood memories and introduced their own kids to gaming of the past. That is, if Nintendo can sufficiently meet the high demand for this obviously popular device in time for the holidays.