Happy Thanksgiving

James Allan Brady - Nov 21, 2007

Well folk’s it’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is upon us. I am sure many of you have a lot to give thanks for, and even more so, I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time you spend with those near and dear to you.

I, and the rest of the staff would like to start by thanking all of you, our readers, tipsters, friendly PR people, and all the companies we work with on a regular basis, and we all also wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. All of us writers are taking the day off tomorrow, and we will reconvene and begin writing again first thing Monday, so, no news from us today.

Personally I have several things to be thankful for, first, I’d like to start with a Mr. Steve Jobs who, along with his company’s help, brought us all the iPhone, and then subsequently the iPod Touch, and all the other new iPods and lets not forget Leopard. God knows that Mr. Jobs and his crew have given us all tons of stories to write about, some bad, but mostly good.

I would also like to thank Mr. Gates and his company, Microsoft, for releasing Vista, it really is quite the horrid OS, but it has also given us plenty to write about, hopefully for a new year’s present he’ll bless us with SP1 for Vista so we can all somewhat safely upgrade. On a lighter note, I’d like to thank Mr. Gates for the new SYNC technology and the new Zunes which they are apparently having trouble keeping on the shelves.

But, most of all, I’d like to thank Samsung. Why, you might ask, because this really has been their year. They have consistently kept a flowing stream of top notch products coming all year long. Just think about it, name one phone manufacturer you’ve seen release more cool handsets than Samsung this year? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Or how about all of their TV’s and other home theater equipment, I have yet to see a single product that’s been ugly, or for its price, poor functioning come from Samsung. Even in the computer world they are making some serious strides, so, big props to Samsung for doing their thing all year long. I know, it may sound like I am a fanboy of Samsung or something, but I am not, I am a fan of consistently good work, sure, there are tons of other companies out there that have released consistently good products, but I don’t think any of them have released near as many as Samsung, although, LG comes in a close second.

Well, other than those things, I have my family, my job here, and my amazing co-workers to be thankful for. So, one more time, from all of us at SlashGear, Happy Thanksgiving!

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