Happy Holidays Everyone!

Alright, so, as best I know it, everyone wrote their last articles (until the 26th) on Sunday night, although there might be some additions over the next couple of days, that's because we are all taking the next two days off. For some its just a break, for others it's a religious holiday, regardless why some of us are taking the time off, we just wanted to wish the lot of you a very happy holiday season, and if you don't believe in anything or in any of these holidays, happy December 24th and December 25th!

Its been a great year so far (as best I can tell, I didn't start here until June), but it's almost over, only a few more days of writing for this year, and if all goes well, its shaping up to be the most newsworthy last few days we could hope for. All sorts of companies are trying their hardest to get their final products out the door before the turn of the New Year, and hopefully enough of them are successful in doing so to keep things interesting.

So, for those of you celebrating the holidays, please, feel free to post below what gadgets and gifts you received or gave away this year. Lord knows I am hoping to receive some electronics and I have attempted to bless those in my life with some technological upgrades to make their lives easier/better. Happy Holidays!