Happy Face LED bike accessory makes riding a joy

Brenda Barron - Sep 22, 2008
Happy Face LED bike accessory makes riding a joy

If you like to ride your bike at night or are just a generally happy person, this LED accessory is certain to brighten up your riding experience. Or at least attract some funny looks.

This LED accessory just clicks onto the wheel of your bike. Pretty simple stuff. In fact, each wheel only has one LED on it. But by means of a microchip, each LED flashes in a strobe-like fashion according to how fast you’re pedaling.

Designed by Moritz Waldenmeyer, this clever little device was sold on a bike in Germany in an auction for a whopping $3,700! I mean, a strobe happy face is cool and all, but not thousands of dollars cool. I’m thinking under $50 at the most? Any way, maybe some of you inventive cyclists out there could create your own version of this. It’s a thought, anyway.

[via Gadget Lab at Wired.com]

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