Happy 50th Anniversary to the LEGO

James Allan Brady - Jan 28, 2008

Believe it or not, the LEGO came from Denmark, 50 years ago today, and its been a long successful run since then, and they are still going strong. Their products have ranged from random groups of LEGO’s all the way up to specified kits to built the ship from some movie that was just released.

They even have a fairly high-end robotics lineup now. They are constantly forcing kids to learn while having fun. Just in case you were wondering, this is why the Google homepage is paying homage to LEGO.

God knows how many of today’s architects grew up with LEGO’s, the perfect toy for the kid that plays with themselves. Here’s some fun statistics, there are about 62 LEGO’s for every person on the planet and about 7 LEGO sets are sold each second worldwide.

[via gearlog]

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