HAPILABS HAPIfork is a smart-fork to help you lose weight [Hands-on]

Here at CES we're already seeing all sorts of interesting products and right out of the gate is a new smart-folk from HAPILABS. Yes we said a smart fork. This connected eating utensil will help you eat right, eat slower, and lose weight. It's an interesting concept and they've got multiple new products here this year. So read on below for a quick video from HAPILABS CEO himself.

To explain it simply, the HAPIfork is a electronic fork that will monitor and help you control your eating habits. Interesting right? Do I want to be bothered while enjoying some Tortilla Soup or Fettuccine Alfredo? They seem to think so. The HAPIfork will give you precise details about your eating style and habits, and will even alert you with an indicator light or a quick vibration when you're not eating right.

What it comes down to is a touch sensitive smart tip that knows you're eating, how fast, and if you're chewing long enough. It won't know what the users is shoveling in their beautiful faces, but it will certainly still try to help you out. Every time you bring food to your mouth it's called a "fork serving" and will learn as you eat. Here's a quick video from HAPILABS CEO Fabrice Boutain:

The HAPIfork will measure how long it takes you between bites, and alert you if you're eating too fast. The amount of "fork servings" per minute, as well as intervals between each serving. This information is then uploaded via USB or easily over Bluetooth to your personal online dashboard for details and progress. We'll be learning more about this in the coming days. Do you think a connected "smartfork" is overboard, or do you like the idea? Let us know in the comments.