Hanwha offers up third party HDMI adapter for iPad/iPhone 4

A Japanese company called Hanwah has pulled out a new adapter for the iPhone 4 and the iPad that you can attach to the charge and sync port on your gadget. The adapter is the UMA-iOSHDMI and it adds a HDMI output and USB port to your iOS gadget.

This adapter will let you shoot video and other content out to your big screen TV or any other device with a HDMI input. The HDMI port allows you to shoot content out to the TV in up to 1024 x 768 resolution. That is the resolution of the iPad screen. You can also use the adapter to view content from your digital camera on the iPad screen as well.

That might make sharing your digital photos a bit easier when you don't have a larger screen device around. The adapter measures 63mm x 38mm x 14mm. It also has a miniUSB port on the bottom and a switch that you flip to control if the USB or HDMI port is active. That mini USB port allows you to charge your device while it plays content. The adapter sells for 5,980 yen in Japan.

[via Akihabara News]