Hanging chess set would be great DIY summer game

I've never had much patience for chess – not enough lasers – but the exception has always been those human-sized outdoor sets you play in the garden.  Graphic designer Wei Lieh Lee might have come up with another exception, however, in his Gazebo Chess Set project with Kevin O'Callaghan: an inverted board of hanging lanterns.


Moves are played with the help of a hook on a stick, and while the rules are the same as always I imagine the mental shift required to flip the board over adds a new dimension of trickiness.  The great thing is, this is something you could quite easily recreate in your own garden; a grid of hooks and some simple paper lanterns would make for a fun summer game that you could leave out even with small children running around, and not have to worry that they'd knock all the pieces over.


onthewei [via core77]