Hands-on - Bioshock demo rocks!

In case you hadn't heard, the Bioshock demo is available for download. I started to download it the other night before I went to bed, it's nearly 2GB of data, so even my speedy cable connection took a while. I finally got some time to install it and run through the demo, I was blown away.

The game is just incredible, the graphics are awesome, and the gameplay itself is awesome. Your character is thrown into this underground city that is inhabited by people that seem rather a lot like zombies. At the beginning you pick up a radio which puts you in contact with another character that acts as your guide.

For weapons you get your basics, a wrench, a pistol and a machine gun. However, you also pick up special abilities that get hard-wired into your DNA, these allow you to do various things like shock people, or set them on fire. The demo only has maybe 20-30 minutes of gameplay, but it's enough to get you hooked. If you're not sure about this title, download the demo, and you'll make up your mind pretty quick.