Hands Omni haptic glove uses air to let you feel virtual objects

Gamers are always on the lookout for accessories to make gaming more realistic and enjoyable. A group of engineering students from Rice University has created a haptic glove that allows gamers to feel objects they see in the virtual world. The glove is called the Hands Omni and is being sponsored by a company called Virtuix and may become a retail product.

The prototype products is a glove with inflatable air bladders under each fingertip that can inflate and deflate. The air bladders are responsible for creating the touch effects in the game. The prototype is designed to fit on your right hand and needs no external wires or cables.

In the prototype glove, the ring and pinky fingers feel the same pressure and the other fingers of the hand get independent air bladders for feel, as does the thumb. The students say that while the project works, it needs more development.

That means you won't find this in a retail store anytime soon. Combing tech like this with virtual reality gear could change gaming as we know it in the future. The Hand Omni weighs about 12 ounces and can be used for long gaming sessions with comfort.

SOURCE: Gizmag