Hampton Grill is ultimate in outdoor cooking

Wow. Now this thing is excessive. If you are super into barbequing everything then you'll love the Hampton Grill. This thing is downright awesome and it looks like something out of the future. While it might look normal at first, it can actually unfold into three separate grilling stations.

Each station has its own temperature controls. This is so convenient. I mean, if you're cooking for a bunch of people, and want to grill up more than steaks but sides too, the extra grills could be used at different temps for different items like corn or kabobs.

This grill is capable of grilling, stir frying, steaming, smoking and rotisserie. And it folds up just by pushing a button. How futuristic! So, how much do you have to pay for 1,200 square inches of cooking space? About $4,000. Good luck to Hampton Grills selling that in this economy!

[via Born Rich]