Hammacher Schlemmer’s Emotive Robotic Avatar Costs $65,000

Evan Selleck - Oct 15, 2010
Hammacher Schlemmer’s Emotive Robotic Avatar Costs $65,000

Perhaps not an age-old question, but one that needs to be answered anyway: at what point does a toy no longer become a toy? Is it the price that should dictate the title? If that’s the case, then we’re not sure that the Emotive Robotic Avatar can really be called a toy, because the price tag is equal to some cars out there. Then again, there are people out there that consider their car their “toy,” so maybe it’s the same idea here.

The Emotive Robotic Avatar is a small bipedal robot. What may be bumping the price up is the fact that you don’t use a standard remote control to guide the little guy around, but instead you get to use a tablet. With that tablet device, you’ll be able to make the robot walk around, change his expression (from happy to mad), and even project your voice. It will also transmit video. The robot can also wave his hand.

But the kicker is the price. As the title suggests, the manufacturer of the Emotive Robotic Avatar has priced the little gadget at $65,000. For that price, we believe that it should be able to do more than just walk around and transmit video. And while controlling it with a tablet is great and all, that can’t be a good enough reason to jack up the price that high.

[via DVICE]

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