Hammacher Schlemmer The Camcorder Projector breaks cover

Hammacher Schlemmer has some of the craziest gadgets and gear that you will find anywhere. Many of those kooky gadgets also cost a fortune as well. The company has unveiled a new addition called The Camcorder Projector that is interesting and surprisingly cheap.

The Camcorder Projector is a small HD camcorder that has a projector built-in and can throw a 65-inch image onto a wall at the press of a button and is branded with the 3M name. As you might guess from the handheld nature of the camcorder, the projector inside is not bright at all.

The little thing can only muster 12 lumens and you will need a very dark room to really enjoy the video you recorded using the device. The projector resolution is 640 x 480 and video is recoded in 720p resolution. Storage is to microSD cards up to 32GB. The Camcorder Projector sells for $299.95 and is shipping right now.