Hammacher Schlemmer marketing World’s Smallest Precision Electric Guitar

James Allan Brady - Nov 27, 2007

So the guitar craze due to Guitar Hero and Rock Band are probably causing large numbers of guitars to go quickly out the doors at music stores around the nation, but large numbers don’t always equal large guitars. Just look at this one from Hammacher Schlemmer.

It’s a mere 26.5 inches long but still has 20 frets. Personally, I’d never want to see someone up on stage jamming out on a guitar like this, but it is small, and simple, so for a practice guitar it’d be nice, you could just stuff it in your locker, or your luggage, no problem.

The downside is that they want $800 for it. You’d think that smaller guitar equaled fewer materials used, and thus a cheaper guitar, but apparently that’s not the case, and I can’t see the name of the company that made it anywhere, so its clearly not made by a manufacturer known for making quality products, so even if I had a choice, I’d have to pick something else.

The ‘smallest precision guitar,’ at a big price [via Crave]

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