Hammacher Schlemmer Electric Comfort

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling this sweet bike on their website. It's designed like a standard Cruiser. I've seen a lot of old Schwinn's with a similar design. This bike features big baloon tires, a fatty padded seat, and a powerful electric motor to help you cruise around town without breaking too much of a sweat. This baby has 500 Watts of power assist driven by a 36 volt L-ion battery pack providing up to 30 miles of electric boost. That's more than enough. Hammacher Schlemmer's Electric Comfort Bicycle will get you where you need to go, in style, and it's eco-friendly.

This bike can boost you to 20mph using the electric motor alone. Just twist the right handle and it'll power up and release the stored energy into the bike's drivetrain. If that's not fast enough you can supplement with pedal-power to achieve even greater speeds.

Most electric bikes are going to cost you a pretty penny. This Hammacher Schlemmer bike is going to run you $2,800 or so from their website. Get one here if you are so inclined.

[via Earth Techling]