Halo Zero LED messenger bag lights up Kickstarter

Eric Abent - Jan 25, 2013, 4:54pm CST
Halo Zero LED messenger bag lights up Kickstarter

For those who like to exercise or otherwise travel on foot after the sun has set, getting to where you’re going safely can be difficult. Bikes and some types of clothes offer reflectors, of course, but if you’re making your way through crowded city streets, it can be difficult to stick out. That’s a problem Halo Belt Company and Rickshaw Bagworks have teamed up to solve with the new Halo Zero LED messenger bag, a product that recently went up on Kickstater.

As you can see from the image above, the Halo Zero looks similar to any other backpack you’ll find, with one key difference. There’s an LED strap that stretches across the outside of the bag, shining bright to let other people know you’re there. While there’s plenty of reason to want a bag that looks as cool as this, that LED strip should do a lot to keep bikers and walkers safe while traveling at night.

The bag itself can hold a 13 to 15-inch laptop, closes using Velcro, and features an adjustable shoulder strap. The LED strap comes in four different colors – red, blue, yellow, and green – and is powered by two CR2025 batteries. The LED strap supports solid, flash, and strobe modes, with the developer saying the batteries should last for 20 hours in solid mode. The whole package is hand-made in San Francisco and would normally come with a price tag of $150. If you get in early with the Kickstarter campaign, however, you can secure one for $128.

Provided this Kickstarter campaign is successful, the companies will use the money to fund the production of the first batch of Halo Zero LED bags. With 41 days left to go, the campaign has already raised a significant amount of its funding goal of $23,000, bringing in $10,017 at the time of this writing. So long as the funds keep coming in the way they have been, Halo and Rickshaw should have no problem hitting their goal. Stay tuned.

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