Halo Rocket Launcher equally fun in real life

A reader from Gizmodo got the pleasure of toying around with a real life AT4 Anti-Armor Bazooka. It's made by SAAB and I would assume its hard as hell for a civilian in the US to get their hands on one, but hey, some guys have all the luck.

The gentleman described his experience firing the weapon as being "the loudest thing you can imagine" he went on to list other weapons he had fired that are considered quite loud as well to further re-enforce his point of how loud this was. He also said that the air around him heated by what seemed like 50 degrees, that's pretty amazing.

He summarized it by saying it felt like he blacked out one second and the next he was looking at his target again and there was an explosion and "hot metal shards exploding like a 4th of July fireworks spectacular". Now I want one to shoot, I'd probably shoot my own vehicle with it.

Readers Get to Play With Real AT4 Anti-Armour Bazooka While Brian Keeps Playing Halo 3 [via Gizmodo]